Feuding Orcs

A campaign of Orcish Proportions

This campaign is designed for the setting, Nor Galad, a campaign setting I’ve designed (it’s still in process)
This campaign is still in process.

Twin Cities of Savoria and Darkon

Darkon and Savoria are two of the most influential and powerful cities in Sentia (the world on which the Nor Galad Campaign resides). Although the two cities are a allegedly a conjoined “nation” now, in the past they were bitter rivals.

Savoria is basically a “light” based city, and Darkon is a “dark” based city.

The streets of Darkon and Savoria were the streets where Ostran grew up, as well as his and Tordek’s home for a long time. Since that time, the cities of changed substantially. The two left only recently from the town with Ilvarra in search of Ostran’s past, and his odd eccentric teacher, Douven Stall from near-certain danger.

Feuding Orcs