The Hafling Searching for Justice


Quiet and considerate, Ostran doesn’t look like a deadly killer. The intensity of his cool, grim stare and quiet killers vibe is matched only by his hearty laughter and love of life. Ostran searches for justice and truth wherever it may be found— and he never compromises.

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

“No. It’s impossible.”


“Our world…where we choose to live…it is a dark place. But we chose it…and it’s up to us to make sure we make it through this valley of shadows into the light beyond.”
“When we make it into the light, some of them will thank of us. Some of them will try to kill us. Some of them will light the new world fire. And some of them will burn…”_

“The truth will set you free…or consume you.”


Ostran did not grow up in some nice hobbit home, but as an savage child among beasts, and later as a cunning whisperer of truths and lies, a flitting shadow in the rough, urban streets of Darkon and Savoria. Above all, Ostran is a survivor.

Ostran’s family was taken from him at a young age, by a group of deadly Assassins, leaving only their insignia and the message “In Possession of [”Evil/Illegal Knowledge"]. Presumably, they worked for the government.
Ostran was kidnapped by the assassins the next day, and left to die: luckily, a band of Orcs took him in and nurtured him, teaching him the skills of stealth and hunting, and harnessing his primal abilities to further his power. Ostran became a skilled negotiatior and fighter as well, developing alliances between the various Orc peoples and other nearby towns and villages. As a still young halfing, the orcs decided to send him to the city, out on his own to be with “his people”. He promised to come back one day and bring the clan much honor. Now knowing whether his parent were dead or alive, and unable to go back to his old life for fear of the Assassins arrove to kill the last holder of the “evil knolwedge” (which he didn’t even know or have) Ostran didn’t have chance to look back. His first years on the streets were brutal: his Primal skills and his endless energy helped him immensely- but the fighting was different. He had to teach himself a new method of fighting, with no help from any others: fighting dirty, so you could live. Although his first years were difficult, Ostran quickly rose through the ranks. Using his bestial instincts, and his years as an honorable hunter, he had the power to survive, with various abilities useful in the Ubran streets, including his skilled tracking. His abilities and skill rose and rose, to a culmunation of mastery. He became an invaluable informant, with deadly accurate knowledge, a shrewd negotiator, with an even more accurate blade. Ostran was lost, without a soul for a long time. And then came Tordek.
Through the teachings of Tordek, the “shrewd and stupid” war hardened Fighter once-politician, Ostran gained purpose – and the two quickly became close friends. They helped teach each other ways to escape from their pasts, and to move forward together in a different light. Ostran slowly strayed off the path of informant, to hero as did Tordek as well, being involved in many adventures together. They even defeated the Spectral mage of the plains with the help of the eccentric city watch in the early days of Darkon and Savoria. After a long time in the city, and maybe through the heroic esscence that might have rubbed off on him, Ostran made his first “mistake” in his life: He rescued the party’s resident Drow Druid and her usually inebraited companion wolf from a well known Drow corespondent who ran a slave market. Ostran was already adverse to the man himself, most drow in general, and slave traders, and especially after his heroic adventures with Tordek gaining him praise as hero, the descision to do this was veyr easy to reach. Ostran quickly left town with the help of Tordek, and they set off on an adventure to find Ostran’s family, (and his odd mentor) the reason behind his families killing, and find the Drow (and other creatures) responsible for Illvara’s capture- and hints to her origin as well.
Celestia (eladrin mage) joined as well.


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